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A successful political campaign has three key components: an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the voting demographic, a solid message designed to connect with the target audience, and a political consulting/public relations team with a winning strategy and the political savvy to effectively spread the message.

With Savannah PR, you get not one consultant, but a team of political strategists who understand those critical elements and can bring results. Our team has years of campaign experience with primary, general, special, and local elections. We work diligently to help our clients refine and manage public perception and communication to align your message with the needs of your target voter. We develop a strategy customized to fit your campaign and to both meet and exceed your campaign goals.

Through traditional and social media marketing, voter analytics, the Savannah PR team provides market and campaign research with detailed voter demographic and polling information to help position you for a successful campaign. We specialize in grassroots advocacy strategies which have proven successful in the current political landscape.

Best of all, SPR is philosophically aligned with the candidates we service. Our client candidates are hand selected or referred, because the best way to deliver message is through genuine communication and a deep commitment to the outcome.

Digital Marketing Services

The means by which we communicate with target audiences has changed drastically over the last decade. Savannah PR recognizes the need for outreach that is researched, innovative, and versatile. Mastering digital technology is key to winning campaigns and effective business strategies.

Our digital marketing services include content marketing and automation, email marketing, blogging, social media management, graphic design and a host of other products that generate visibility and opportunity for your campaign or business. Our clients opt from management and marketing packages that provide services necessary for their communication goals. This ranges from one-time setup-and-go of various social media platforms to full management of all media outlets.

Campaign Management

Campaign management is critical to the development and execution of an effective campaign. It can mean the difference between winning and losing an election. Savannah PR is well versed in all aspects of political campaigns, from assessing the political landscape and analyzing viable opponents, to demographic targeting and voter turnout. Our team can guide your campaign from inception through election day. We build winning campaigns that empower grassroots supporters and connect our clients with the people they need to reach. Our specialty is recruiting volunteers and ensuring organizations of every size have a bigger impact.

Grassroots Campaigning

Savannah PR specializes in outreach and impact. Our team is made up of residents of Savannah and the low country, meaning we are intimately connected to the community and we share their values. This serves as a great advantage for clients who are looking to have impact in the Coastal Empire. Savannah PR recruits, trains, and organizes volunteers to carry client messages and create the right buzz. We tirelessly refine and share your message with the community to create the kind of follow-through necessary to connect and win.

Our team is also well connected to the political circles in the Coastal Empire. Let Savannah PR create the traction and attention from leaders and official that it deserves. Let us create the surge of support necessary to spread your message and inspire action. We’ll manage and coordinate your resources to ensure the greatest possible impact for your campaign.

Crisis Management

For large corporations, non-profits, and public figures, allegations that threaten brand integrity and public trust can result from even the tiniest miscommunication. Our team knows the importance of developing an effective plan to contain the crisis and to protect and rebuild your public image. Savannah PR will anticipate potential pitfalls in communication and manage the response on all fronts.

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From strategy, consultancy, and grassroots campaigning to social media management and graphic design, Savannah PR has the expertise and tools to meet your service needs.